McConaghy Retail Property Fund (MRP Fund)

McConaghy Retail Property Fund (MRP Fund)



Co-investment with McConaghy Properties

The MRP Fund is an unlisted Australian, open-ended wholesale real estate fund that focuses on the creation of a portfolio targeting quality, stable, “everyday needs” convenience neighbourhood and sub-regional shopping centres.

50 years’ experience in property investment

Co-invest with the McConaghy Family.
Select group of investors only.

Fully integrated
service model

Highly regarded team.
100+ yrs combined experience.
Invest / Manage / Develop.


Independent Investment Advisory Committee led by Paul Weightman, joined by Dennis Broit & Gary McConaghy


Long term performance.
Proven stable returns.
Wealth creation through capital growth.


Fund Overview

Stable and Sustainable Returns

The Fund’s objective is to provide investors with a sustainable investment vehicle, that ensures capital preservation, whilst providing sustainable returns and growth.

Considered Growth

The long-term investment horizon allows the Fund Manager to invest, develop and manage the assets to ensure sustainable, growing returns.

Carefully Selected Portfolio

For assets to qualify as an appropriate investment to be included in the MRP Fund portfolio, a key investment qualification criteria, including region, location, retail mix profile and development potential, has been developed to achieve the long-term fund investment objectives.

Why invest?

Secure capital
Right asset class
Stable returns
Right locations
Long term growth
Right team

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