Services for success

Our vision is clear; be exceptional together in the creation of outstanding modern retail destinations that serve our communities.

Our dynamic partnership approach with specialists from four key disciplines – Investment, Management, Projects and Corporate, provides a complete service under one roof.

From acquisitions and development to asset management, fitouts and IT systems, we’ll tailor a solution to ensure the success of any retail project.


Specialising in acquisition and the creation of development opportunities, we build deep and lasting relationships with our aligned investment partners through the delivery of integrated investment solutions.

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With a rich depth of knowledge and experience, our leasing, marketing and operational specialists are well qualified as the keepers of customer and tenant satisfaction; responsible for sustaining engaging, immaculate retail spaces that attract a healthy flow of shoppers.

We work with you to focus on three core pillars of retail property – understanding the customer, meeting everyday retailing needs and making assets easy to manage, to lay the foundations for success – ensuring you have the right business, in the right place, in the right centre with the right business strategy and tools.

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With hands-on specialists across retail fitout, consultancy and construction management, our dedicated retail projects company will partner with you for the development journey, whether you’re building, extending or refurbishing.

Experienced in the design and construction of our own shopping centres, we develop and deliver completely customised solutions to meet your needs, from small fitouts to large scale construction and simplify the process with a focus on quality and efficiency.

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McConaghy Properties provides governance, financial and workplace support services to drive fluid day-to-day operations across our portfolio of properties.

Our team of accountants, administrators, technology, software, and design experts ensure all stakeholders have only the best interactions with our business. They keep us efficient, integrated and compliant, agile and prepared, strategic and creative.

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