Each centre is centrally located offering an exceptional shopping experience to residents and visitors in their region.


Each location provides various leasing
options to suit our clients' needs and budgets.

  • Castletown-Townsville QLD view
  • Toowoomba Plaza QLD view
  • Kingaroy Shoppingworld QLD view
  • The Ridge-Toowoomba QLD view
  • Westlands Plaza QLD view
  • Lismore Square NSW view

  • Castletown-Townsville

    Voted #1 ?Best Shopping Destination? over 5 consecutive years, this sub-regional centre is located in Townsville.

    Townsville is the largest city in Queensland outside of the south east corner.

    Townsville is the largest city in Queensland outside of the south east corner. Castletown is the inner city shopping centre which focuses on providing a strong mix of fashion, food and services.

    • Purchased in 1989
    • Extended in 1992, 1997, 2007, 2010 and 2014
    • Majors ? Target, Big W, Woolworths, Best & Less, The Reject shop
    • 140 Specialty Stores
    • 1750 car parks
    • 37600m2 of retail

  • Toowoomba Plaza

    Toowoomba Plaza is where shoppers feel connected and welcome.

    A family orientated centre that offers a sense of community to retailers and customers alike

    Toowoomba is the commercial and economic hub of the Darling Downs and is Australia?s largest inland regional city. It is also the gateway to the Surat Basin. Toowoomba Plaza dominates the southern catchment of Toowoomba. With the centre fully refurbished in 2009, Kmart recently upgraded to the latest look and is performing at record levels.

    • Extended 2009
    • Purchased 2013
    • Majors ? Coles and Kmart

  • Kingaroy Shoppingworld

    The only enclosed shopping centre in the South Burnett region between Gympie, Dalby and Toowoomba.

    Kingaroy is an agricultural town located 2.5 hours North West of Brisbane.
    Kingaroy Shoppingworld is the single largest shopping centre in a 100km radius.
    Located in Kingaroy?s CBD the centre boasts a large catchment of over 36,000 people

    • Purchased in 1984
    • Extended in 1986, 1991, 2000 and 2008
    • Majors ? Big W, Woolworths, Best & Less
    • 45 Specialty Stores
    • 550 Car parks
    • 13,000m2 of retail

  • The Ridge-Toowoomba

    A centre of convenience focusing on food and service

    Located next to Toowoomba Plaza this dominant convenience based centre has a strong performing Woolworths and convenient undercover carpark.

    • March 2007 ? Newly built centre opened for trade
    • Purchased 2007
    • Major - Woolworths
    • 22 Specialties
    • 291 car parks

  • Westlands Plaza

    Roma?s only enclosed shopping centre and full line supermarket

    Westlands Plaza is a community retail centre offering a friendly and
    comfortable shopping experience with a mix of stores and services that deliver value and service to the people of Roma and surrounding districts

    • Built in 1985
    • Refurbished in 2002
    • Major ? Woolworths
    • 13 Specialties
    • 139 car parks

  • Lismore Square

    Lismore Shopping Square is the single largest shopping centre between Tweed Heads and Grafton

    Lismore is a regional culture hub, attracting tourists, artists and locals alike.

    Lismore is the commercial centre of the Northern Rivers region of NSW. With a simple design and strong catchment, Lismore Square has a dominant position in the retail market with limited competition within a 80km radius

    • Purchased in 1996
    • Extended in 2005
    • Majors ? Big W, Kmart, Woolworths Coles
    • 80 specialty stores and a Bulky Goods precinct
    • 1264 car parks
    • 28900m2 of retail