Environmental, Social & Governance

We are responsible custodians.

Our stewardship of the impacts to our environment, our society and our investors is both profoundly important and essential.

The people of our business must steer through changing environmental, social and regulatory environments and adapt both operationally and strategically.

We must keep balanced, informed and responsive.

Environmental Social Governance Chart 01


How we invest, manage and develop shopping centres impacts on the environment. How our climate changes impacts on our shopping centres, our business, our people, our communities and our investors’ returns. McConaghy Properties is committed to ensuring we embed appropriate, considered and meaningful actions into our business practices and investment strategies for environmental and investor returns.

McConaghy Properties are committed through both our corporate responsibilities and our company values to look after our people, communities, partners and customers. We are committed to creating inclusive, safe and healthy places that we invest, manage and develop for the benefit of a better society.

McConaghy Properties are committed to ensuring that leading governance practices are embedded into the operations of the business with independence, accountability and capability as core themes to the management of risk and compliance.


Independent governance is provided by the IAC, comprising Steven Leigh and Dennis Broit, within a comprehensive governance framework.

The principal purpose of the IAC is to provide expert, independent advice and direction to the McConaghy Properties Board regarding real estate transactions for the established funds.

The IAC members have deep experience in the property, finance and funds management fields.

Steven Leigh 01
Steven Leigh
Dennis Broit 01
Dennis Broit
Committee Member